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Simple Animation

Flash Authoring Notes

Flash Replaces Powerpoint


My current favorite sites for learning about Flash:

These files document my learning adventure with Flash MX. Except for one movie that I made in August 2002, all of the files here were created since December 2002 in my efforts to master this application. In Spring 2003, I taught Flash for the first time to journalism students in a university course. Two years later, in April 2005, my book Flash Journalism was published by Focal Press.

I created many of these files in the first six months or so of my self-education in Flash. In spring 2003 I took a very good online course at -- it was taught by Stephane Richer, and I learned a lot about ActionScript from him!

These files are posted here mainly so that I can refer to them when I remember some ActionScript I wrote once but have since forgotten. I come in here, get the FLA, and copy my old ActionScript. It saves me having to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. I do not add anything new to this page now. It's not really designed for other people to use, but if you find something helpful here, that's great.

Just don't steal anything and claim that you made it yourself, okay? Everything here is licensed under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.

For more examples and downloads, see my JToolkit site.

--Mindy McAdams (June 2007)