Simple Slide Show
Your basic, "garden"-variety (ha ha) Flash slide show, with the photos imported in as PNGs and compressed within Flash, usually at about 80 percent. You must use the buttons to move from photo to photo.

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The only cool thing here is the way I finally figured out how to get the "fader" movie clip to simply replay every time either button is clicked, meaning that there is only one instance of that movie clip in the entire movie. See the script below.

I shot the photos with a 1-megapixel digital camera in Kew Gardens, outside London, in July 2001. Some are from inside the Palm House (the structure in the first photo) and some are from elsewhere on the grounds.

At right: The script on the Next button.

This movie demonstrates the problem with photos in Flash: They increase the file size of a Flash movie tremendously. If you add sound, it gets worse. The solution is to keep your photos (and sometimes your sound) in separate files outside the SWF.

     on (press) {
     on (release) {