In Praise of the Video Capabilities of Flash 8

Stop TB video from the World Health Organization / Stop TB

Flash is the best choice for online video

> Dowload the FLA (81 KB) > View all files in directory

The original file as downloaded is an MOV file at 63 MB. Simply saving the MOV as an FLV cut the file size by more than half. Compare to the Real Media format version here or the QuickTime version here.

Screenshot: FLV export settings
The FLV processed by the Flash 8 Video Encoder via QuickTime Pro is 26.7 MB. This was a simple export from the QuickTime Player at medium FLV settings (shown at right). All you need to export the FLV is Flash 8 and QuickTime Pro (U.S.$30).

Credits for the video shown here

The Winstone Zulu Stop TB video was created for WHO / Stop TB / UNAIDS by John-Michael Maas of Darby | Communications and Keith Rondinelli. Great storytelling.

This Web page and the ActionScript (in the FLA) were produced by Mindy McAdams, with lots of help from many Web pages produced by other people.