Online Discussions

Enter the discussions via E-Learning. Look for MMC 2265, Section 7227. (Yes, it does say 7227.)


Reading and listening to lectures are only part of understanding new material and ideas. Expressing your own interpretations of the material takes the learning a step further. By organizing your thoughts so that you can communicate them effectively, you can integrate the new material into your store of knowledge.


Each student is required to take part in weekly online discussions about the ideas covered during class. There will be at least 15 posted discussion topics. Participation in each topic will be awarded up to 2 points.

The topic for each discussion will be selected by the instructor. Each topic will be posted at least one week before the deadline.

Each topic has its own deadline, which is 11:59 p.m. Friday in the same week the material was covered in class.

A late entry into a topic earns zero points.

TOTAL: 30 points (30 percent of the course grade)

What Makes a Good Entry?

One entry in the topic is sufficient to earn 2 points -- if it is good.

  1. It directly addresses the question posed in the discussion topic.
  2. It is not redundant or repetitious of any earlier entries by other students.
  3. It indicates that you thought for a while before you wrote.
  4. It indicates that you were in class or read the assigned text or both. That is, it is not just you putting out your opinion without any connection to the course material.
  5. It is concise and not rambling.
  6. It's not boring.

It is acceptable to respond to another student's entry in a topic so long as you say more than simply "I agree," or "I disagree."

It is acceptable to post more than one response in a single discussion topic, but don't overload us with too much verbiage or too many posts.

Quantity will not improve your grade. Quality will.

Brevity and quality combined will equal success.