The New Realities: A YouTube Playlist/Player

The player at left was generated from a playlist I made on YouTube. I made this Web page and then pasted the YouTube code into it after I had created the playlist and the player.

To access any video in my playlist, click the Menu button (lower right side, in the player). You can also mouse over the video and see what's in the list.

I never have to touch this Web page (or the player) again, but I can update my playlist (on YouTube) whenever I feel like it. Plus, I can have more than one playlist there.

This playlist is called "The New World Reality."

To compare this playlist/player with another one, see my Journalism Videos page.

You can download a free HTML template for a page like this one.

Create a player

Here are the steps I followed to create this player:

1. I saved YouTube videos to my favorites.

2. I went to "My Account / Favorites" in YouTube and checked off the videos I wanted to include in THIS playlist.

3. I opened the menu at the top that says "Copy Videos To" and selected "New Playlist."

4. Then I was on a page called "Create/Edit Playlist," where I named the new playlist and gave it tags and so on. When I was finished, I clicked the Save button at the bottom of the page.

5. After that I was on the page for my new playlist, where I could edit it. At the top right is a button: "Create Custom Player." W00t! That's the ticket! Click that and get a player for your own playlist!

Find your favorites

If you are signed in to YouTube, you can find a link at the top right of any page that says "My Account." Roll over it, and a menu opens, and you can select "Favorites" there.

Mindy McAdams
Professor, Journalism
University of Florida

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