Student Blogs 2006

All the students in this course must keep a blog. They post twice a week for 12 weeks, and all of their posts are graded. The grading criteria are online. Students are allowed to choose any blog service provider. They may also choose any topic to cover, but they must stick to one topic for 12 weeks.

  1. A Floridian's Disney
  2. At Least You Have Your Health
  3. autonography
  4. College Football: The Top 10
  5. Conservation: Fish, Wildlife and the Environment
  6. cut / paste
  7. I'm Bringing Sexy Back
  8. Monopoly for grown-ups
  9. on design
  10. Ruhi's Ranting
  11. Saturdays Keep Me Sane
  12. Social Suspects
  13. Tampa Bay Lightning
  14. The Detwork
  15. The Ville - Gainesville Local Music
  16. Very Vera Simple

The links below are from Fall 2005. Some students have removed their blogs now that the course has ended.

  1. a look @ sec football (Southeastern Conference)
  2. college, next life (items relevant to students about to graduate)
  3. Gainesville Shows: personal picks (music in and near Gainesville)
  4. Generation $ (about the economy)
  5. Genie82 (movies, music, and TV news and commentary)
  6. International News
  7. kananw's Journal (follows celebrity news)
  8. nickels in the oven (music industry news)
  9. The Religion Reporter (religion news)
  10. right brain realities (follows women's issues)
  11. the scallywag (college news portal)
  12. Something About Baseball (Major League news)
  13. technickel (technology news)
  14. vanzandt (follows international news)
  15. What It Is (news about fashion)

Students: If you want me to change the title of your blog on this page, first you must change it on your blog itself, and then send me an e-mail requesting the change to be made here. You may also send me new wording for a description of your blog.