Text File Notes

Below is an image of the text file format needed for Project 1.

The text shown is what is used on the example page.

DO NOT use Microsoft Word to edit the text file! Use Notepad or another plain-text editor. (Do not use MS WordPad either!) The text file must be saved as plain text, with a .txt file extension.

The orange highlighted text below MUST all be different in your own file.

Be careful NOT TO CHANGE anything else in the text file.

DO NOT DELETE any of the ampersands.

You may change the code in the blue highlighted text, but that is OPTIONAL. If you want to change it and you do not know how to determine hexadecimal color codes in Photoshop, ask me.

The image of the text file should be visible above this. If you don't see it, e-mail me.

Copy and paste the text file from this URL.