Project 4: Video

A basic beginner video is an interview plus "B-roll." The B-roll footage shows the action being discussed or explained by the person who was interviewed.

The team aspect of this project requires the team members to agree on a topic, share resources and background research, and identify interview subjects. Also, the team will need to coordinate to avoid redundancy.

An example of a SUITABLE trio of videos would be interviews with three people who run marathons. Ideally, the three people would have some very noticeable differences among them, e.g. one old, two young; one man, two women; one beginner, two experienced. If you can't shoot an actual marathon, it's okay, but I would expect to see a lot of training, running, stretching, and different locations.

Here is an example (one 10-min. video with multiple interviews), from the Austin (Texas) American-Statesman. (You will NOT combine your three videos into one.)

An example of a BAD trio of videos would be three people who all work in the same sandwich shop (or bicycle shop, or music store, etc.) talking about their work in that shop. BORING!

Assignment 1

Due Nov. 25.

Team has chosen an interesting topic for which three (or two, if you have only two people on your team) different people can be interviewed and shot in action. Please make sure that by this date, your team KNOWS the project can be done and interview subjects can be found.

Assignment 2

Due Dec. 2.

All three interview subjects are selected and confirmed. Appointments are made and written in your calendar! Time is scheduled for BOTH interviews and action shooting (B-roll).

Assignment 3

Due Dec. 9.

All video footage is shot and interviews are complete.

Assignment 4

Due Dec. 16 (during finals week).

Your final video will be uploaded to YouTube. Post the direct URL in the class blog in reply to the post titled "Class videos."

Grading for Project 4

Total = 20 points

5 points - Story idea (team grade)

5 points - Interview (content and interestingness)

10 points - Edited video (beginning, middle, end; number and variety of shots; interestingness)