Blog Comments

From time to time, your blog post assignment will ALSO include a comments assignment.

On a day when a comments assignment is due, you must BOTH make your blog post AND fulfill the comments assignment. If the comments assignment is not done, your blog post grade for that day is 0.


  1. Make a meaningful comment on a blog. "I agree," or something equally short and pointless, is NOT a meaningful comment.
  2. The blog on which you comment must be a non-mainstream-media blog. It must be written by an individual, like you.
  3. The blog on which you comment must have a topic or focus related to the blog you are writing for this course.
  4. The blog post on which you leave a comment must have a date stamp within the past 14 days. Do not comment on old posts.
  5. You must use your real name (at least your first name) on the comment. Also, you must use the URL of your blog -- the one you are using in this course -- on the comment. (See the examples below. Notice how MY NAME is a LINK to my blog on these comments. That's because I filled in the fields properly when I was writing the comment.)
  6. To receive credit, you must e-mail the direct URLs of your comments to me by the usual blog post deadline.
  7. You must make your two comments in one week on two different blogs. In a later week, you may comment on those blogs again.


Please NOTE that the URLs shown below are complete (including http://) and go DIRECTLY to the comment.

Your link must WORK when I click it.

How will you find this direct link? Ah, good question! It is usually the link represented by the DATE STAMP on the comment itself. Click that, and then COPY the full URL out of the address bar in your Web browser.

What if the blog where you post has moderated comments, and your comment has not yet been approved? That's on you, friend. Go comment on some other blog in time to make your deadline.