Editing Assignments

Submitting your video for a grade:

After you have saved the final version in Windows Movie Maker, you will have a big WMV file. Probably 10-20 MB.

RENAME the WMV file to your name (last name or first name, doesn't matter).

Copy ONLY that one WMV file into the HOMEWORK folder on the L: drive. Do it ONLY ONCE, please!

Links to Windows Movie Maker tutorials:

Editing 1

For your first editing work, you will edit the footage you shot for the Shooting 1 exercise, using Windows Movie Maker. Do NOT do anything with audio or titles or effects. I want only straight cuts between the shots.

Include at least seven different shots.

Final length: 30 to 60 seconds. This is firm.

Each shot should last about 3 to 6 seconds. Let the activity in the shot tell you how long it should be. An unmoving close-up of a face for 6 seconds will be VERY BORING.

Here is an example: Painter


Total: 5 points

Editing 2

New! There are two (2) audio handouts on the L: drive for you! Both concern how to work with audio in WMM.

Using the video you shot for the Shooting 2 exercise (additional footage may be used too) AND the script you wrote for the Textbook 2 exercise, create a final video that will be uploaded to the Web.

Length: Between 2 min. and 2 min. 30 sec. This is firm.


Total: 10 points