Journal List for Mass Comm

Compiled by Mindy McAdams

With today's comprehensive database searches, students looking for scholarly studies related to mass communication sometimes come up with many articles that are too far outside our field to be of value, especially when they use "Internet" alone as a keyword. (Try also "Web," "digital," "online" and "on-line" as title keywords.)

There's also the matter of shelf life. Quite a few articles published before 2005 have scant relevance to today's online practices. Be careful in your choices.

For a more comprehensive catalog of mass communication journals, see the lists at CIOS; see an example search. (You can search ComAbstracts if you are logged in from a UF computer or with the UF VPN.) See also "Communication & Mass Media Complete" (EBSCO) via the UF library; see an example search.

Journals listed below are those I have found especially useful for topics related to online journalism. I have not listed journals specific to advertising or public relations.

First Monday (online only)

Information, Communication & Society (Routledge / search)

The Information Society (Routledge / search)

International Communication Gazette (formerly Gazette: The International Journal for Communication Studies; from Sage / search)

Journal of Broadcasting & Electronic Media (BEA, Routledge / search)

Journal of Communication (Wiley / search)

Journal of Computer Mediated Communication (Wiley / search)
NOTE: Special issue about social networks, Volume 13, Issue 3, April 2008

Journal of Media Economics (Routledge / search)

Journalism (Sage / search)

Journalism Practice (Routledge / search)

Journalism Studies (Routledge / search)

Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (AEJMC / use EBSCO)

Media, Culture & Society (Sage / search)

New Media & Society (Sage / search)

Newspaper Research Journal (AEJMC / use EBSCO)

Online Journalism Review (online only; note that this is NOT a scholarly journal)

Television & New Media (Sage / search)