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Contact Information

In this example, you have no table at all -- just the four DIVs: One each for links, page name, main text, and the copyright notice.

Another interesting thing about this page: The background image is fixed in place. Resize your browser window until you get a vertical scrollbar, and then scroll to see what the background image does.

You can used the non-moving background image technique on any page, whether it has tables on it or not.

Normally you would find a bunch of contact info on this page. Since it's just an example, I'm trying to pad out the text to make it easy to see the effect of the fixed background image.

So I'm adding a bunch of text randomly.

Here is my postal mail address:

Mindy McAdams
Department of Journalism
3049 Weimer
University of Florida
Box 118400
Gainesville, FL (USA)

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