Photo Examples


Things to do with photos:

> The "rule of thirds" illustrates how to crop a photo to create a point of interest.

> Thumbnail navigation gives the viewer control and avoids the boring "next-next-next" constraint of a linear slide show. The example includes 7 photos and 7 thumbnails.

> Thumbnail cropping: Don't spoil the effect of the photo by showing everything in the thumbnail.

> Easy-to-navigate photo gallery using thumbnail images.

> Using photos as page design elements -- especially as backgrounds. (Neat CSS techniques too.)


Resources on other sites:

> The "rule of thirds" illustrated very well; along with other good photography tutorials.

> Composing your pictures, from Kodak: Examples illustrate how to make the content of a photo more dynamic.

> "Get closer": Concise photography tips from National Geographic. Another key tip here: "Watch your backgrounds."

Examples provided by Mindy McAdams
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