List of JavaScripts Here

Scripts here have been largely copied from other sources.

Dynamic calendars
You choose the month and year. Very cool! This one writes the whole month into a textarea field (as text). Uses Date() expertly.
Full-year calendar
Generates 12 monthly calendars for the current year, as found on your system clock. This one writes each date into a table cell. Examine this to see how Date() works >>
var now = new Date();
I am working on a "select the year" version of this calendar, but right now it works only in IE, not Netscape: Build Calendar
Alert boxes
Version that works on Submit (form button).
Back button
Uses the History function to send user back. Go here also to see how to go back multiple pages in one step.
The cookies page demonstrates how cookies are placed on your computer. The script is on the page.
Pop-up windows
Open popwindows.txt to see the link code. The pop-up window also has a Close button on it.
Script handles both single and multiples. Most basic and shortest script.

Other Scripts

For form validation scripts, see the AEJMC Web design pages in /forms/. The scripts are in this directory too, but they won't work here. (This note is for the author.)

For addition and subtraction, see these two live pages:

This page is set up for personal use by Mindy McAdams. It is not intended to serve as a tutorial for new JavaScript programmers.
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