Against Plagiarism

General Guidelines

Quotation marks can make you honest

Here's how to use that copied text honestly and accurately in an academic paper:

"In McLuhan's view, roads and vehicles, money, and weapons are media, just as movies, books, and radio are. Media act as extensions of the human body, and electric media are extensions of the human nervous system" (McAdams, 1993).

Please take note of the use of quotation marks to indicate what was copied.

In your reference list or footnotes, you must also provide complete information about the source of that copied text:

McAdams, M. (1993). Cybermedia: An introduction. Retrieved August 25, 2003, from

The format for references shown above follows APA (American Psychological Association) style, from the 5th edition of the APA manual. Other recognized style manuals include the Chicago Manual and MLA. Each has its own precise rules for formatting references from books, scholarly journals, and many other sources.