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My latest links to blog resources: Delicious bookmarks for blogging

Here is my scholarly reference list, which is relevant to journalism studies.

Journalist's Toolkit: Blogs and Blogging
Includes current links to legal guides, ethics guides, etc.

General Internet demographics for U.S. adults: chart

The links below supply the basics about blogs and blogging:

In my blog Teaching Online Journalism, I occasionally discuss blogging.

Reporterís Guide to Multimedia Proficiency:

Books and popular articles (online) can be found at José Luis Orihuela's Web de Blogs Bibliografía page. (Muchas cosas interesantes.)

A good place to wallow and find the latest buzz about blogs:


William Safire, the language maven of The New York Times, wrote delightfully (as ever) about the word "blog" on Sunday, July 28, 2002: "The first use I can find of the root of blog in its current sense was the 1999 'Robot Wisdom Weblog,' created by Jorn Barger of Chicago. Then followed bloggers, for those who perform the act of blogging and -- to encompass the burgeoning world of Web logs -- blogistan as well as the coinage of William Quick on the blog he calls The Daily Pundit, the blogosphere." (Safire wrote about blogs again on
Feb. 19, 2006, in the Times's Sunday Magazine.)