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May 19, 2003

Installing Movable Type

After much struggle and pain, I have installed Movable Type on my Dreamhost server. The main problems: (1) Thinking that I needed to delete "#!" before /usr/bin/perl on the .cgi files. (2) Not realizing that I had to set permissions differently because "As a security precaution, suexec REQUIRES that all cgi scripts AND THE DIRECTORIES IN WHICH THEY RESIDE *NOT* be writable by anyone but the owner user. Otherwise, another user on your machine could go into the directory, edit your script to do something, then visit it from the web and they would then have access as though they were you! Then, they would essentially have full access to your user account, and that's bad!

"SO, suexec requires that you change the owner (chown) and change the group (chgrp) to be your user and group (don't worry, these are the defaults when you upload or create a file), AND that you chmod (change permissions) that file AND THE DIRECTORY it resides in to be not-writable by the world."

That comes from this Dreamhost Knowledge Base page.

Posted by macloo at May 19, 2003 05:34 PM
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